Survey: Is it Time for the Four-Day Workweek?

Is the Games Industry ready for a Four-Day Workweek? We’re asking you what you think

The push for more diverse workplaces and recurrent talent shortages in the games industry has been the subject of headlines for many years. More recently, the Covid-19 environment has sparked a new topic for us to mull over in the rise of remote-working. In the midst of all of this chaos, one old, relatively straightforward idea has quietly also been gaining popularity: the four-day workweek.

General polls from around the world have shown an increase in the desire to trial this slightly radical idea, and it’s gaining more traction from both employees and business owners alike. We thought it would be a good idea to find out what the video games industry thinks on the matter.



There are only eight multiple-choice questions, so it shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes to complete. We’re interested in hearing from those who work in the industry as well as those who are currently studying with the intention of working in it. We’re already excited to share the findings with you all!

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