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Sometimes there are only a handful of people in the world who can do the most highly skilled roles. This is why finding out what a candidate can do, and what they’d struggle with can be the difference between the success and failure of a project.

Getting hold of this talent requires a human touch and a deep understanding of the games industry and where it’s going.

What does it cost you to
have no one doing the job?
Or worse, the wrong
person doing it?

Our Service

At OPM we drill down surprising deeply into someone’s skill set. And of course, that means having specialist consultants; people who know exactly what questions to ask and where to probe. Artists, designers, programmers, testers, producers and marketers each have skillsets that demand someone who knows exactly what their job involves. Our art consultants only look for artists. Our code specialists concentrate on programmers. And so on.

That way we send only people who can do the job.

Our Service

What you can expect from us

  • Relevant CVs from our database of 20,000 candidates
  • Job advertising on trade websites and social media
  • A dedicated Consultant and a Talent Acquisition Specialist working on your role
  • Regular progress updates throughout the recruitment process
  • Flexible rebate scheme providing insurance for hired candidates
  • Free salary surveys if requested

Where do OPM find candidates?

Each vacancy we take on is advertised on our website and a range of relevant job boards. Successful applicants will go onto our database that contains over 25000 games industry experienced people, registered since we began in 1998! As well as job boards, we have a team of Consultants and Talent Acquisition specialists working full-time on professional networking sites to reach out to experienced professionals for each individual job opening.

We interview every job seeker we work on and will send you only our top matches once we have the candidate’s permission to submit their details to you. We will liaise between you and the candidates throughout the process until they are placed and for a couple of week after they start. Our role is to iron out the creases in the process and identify the winning people, and those who may not be right for you early in the process. We represent permanent, contract and temporary talent who live all over the world.

OPM has its very own unique process that all consultants follow with all vacancies. Called our Steps to Success it is the framework that keeps our service consistent and provides the value you need from us. Our team is retrained every six months and the process evolves to meet the needs of the market today.


We are member of APSCo and adhere to their Code of Conduct. This ensures that the recruitment process is managed in the most professional way possible by our team.

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