UX Designer – AAA Games Studio – Malmo, Sweden

Location: Malmo, Sweden Salary: Negotiable

Job ID: #24761 Posted: 2 weeks ago

This vacancy offers a work-from-home start until it is safe to work in-house or relocate to the location.

Project: AAA Games Studio

OPM’s client is looking for a talented UX Designer to help them on their mission of developing the best possible UX flows in games.

The successful candidate will be working with the studios incredibly skilled team of programmers, designers and Artists to ensure the flows are sensible and easy to understand for their gamers.


  • Strong, practical UI Design experience in games or game related projects
  • Background designing for e-commerce services, preferably video games
  • Established skillset in designing fun/effective wireframes and interactions, user flows and prototypes
  • Good knowledge of interaction/graphic design fundamentals
  • Capable of articulating, rationalizing, and emphasizing with the end-user’s needs
  • Adaptable and quick learner throughout the entire development process
  • Knowledge of lean UX concepts and the ability to work within a continuous flow environment
  • Good grasp of ergonomic principles applied to video games
  • Expert knowledge of interaction design and user behaviour


  • Design functional prototypes of game features to ensure a high-quality user flow in game
  • Implement an optimal interface layout plan
  • Produce solid UX specifications and documentation as well as collaborate with the art and design team creating visual cues, UI patterns and style guides
  • Layout and oversee the functional production of the menus and user interfaces of the game
  • Collaborate with game designers to determine the best controls and inputs to support game features for a fluid and consistent player experience
  • Make sure optimal interaction feedback and minimal control latency as well as work with different input methods in mind (Keyboard & Mouse and Controller)
  • Make sure that signs and feedback clearly communicate the game information based on best practices in accessibility
  • Convey designs in a technical manner for programming implementation
  • Create flows, wireframes, prototypes and other UX documentation for key game features designed by the development team
  • Collaborate with the engineering teams to implement the user experiences
  • Arranging playtest sessions and gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback to optimize existing UX/UI designs and create new ones
  • Deliver and follow through:?from conception through development to shippable feature
  • Make sure that the interface arrangement accounts for localization constraints


  • Knowledge of a scripting language (Python, ActionScript, etc)
  • Experience with game design
  • Experience with Unity, Unreal Engine or other engines
  • Relevant degree

Interested in finding out more about the studio and project? Apply now or call me directly today on +44 (0) 1206 214425!

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