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Senior Porting Engineer- Multi-Platform Porting Projects – North East UK

Location: Middlesbrough, United Kingdom Salary: Negotiable

Job ID: #23335 Posted: 1 year ago

Senior Porting Engineer

Formed in 2009, our client is a UK-based, full-service independent publisher and developer of interactive digital entertainment.

Are you interested in Helping to create beautiful games, working on their own and other multi-platform game engines, with a diverse range of titles and codebases and having the creative freedom to put your keen interests in games into practice? If so, this position could be the one for you!

Our client are looking for an experienced and/or highly skilled individual. Expectations are high given our clients reputation in the industry. In addition to experience and skill, our client place great emphasis on integrity, working hard and team solidarity.

Could you:

Be the first eyes on a project to remaster an existing title or bring it to a new platform, laying the groundwork for the rest of the team to hit the ground running. You need to quickly get to grips with how the game has been written and how its main systems work. You may need to convert assets to new formats, adapt code for a different compiler, or perhaps upgrade from old middle-ware.

You’ll need a broad knowledge of all components of a game, and a wide variety of debugging strategies and a lot of patience to overcome hurdles one by one until you get on-screen results on the target platform. You will need to communicate your findings and ease your colleagues into the necessary workflows so that they can start to contribute too. Once the basics are up and running you will need to upgrade and augment existing systems, or introduce cutting edge technology, to achieve the new levels of performance and user experience that a remaster demands.



  • Design, develop, write, test and implement systems and game code
  • Test and refine gameplay features and systems throughout development
  • Estimate tasks and deliver high-quality code to that schedule
  • Perform code reviews with the dev team to ensure code quality
  • Working on support issues with middleware providers
  • Programming outside of porting when relevant
  • Work with designers, artists, and publishing as required to create the highest possible quality titles


  • At least 4 years of professional experience working in C++
  • Self-motivated with a positive mental attitude
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including with team members outside of the code team.
  • Ability to manage time and workload effectively
  • Excellent debugging skills
  • Ability to find and correct memory leaks & stomps ( scribbles )
  • Writes clear, debuggable, maintainable and performance targeted code
  • Able to break down and structure tasks to meet deadlines efficiently
  • Fluent in English, both verbal and written


  • Strong maths skills
  • Experience in profiling and optimisation techniques
  • Experience with multithreaded programming
  • Knowledge and experience of other game engines such as Unity, UE4
  • Experience with post-launch ongoing product development and delivery
  • Continuous integration and build automation experience
  • Experience with art packages and pipeline development
  • Experience with low-level optimisation, shader programming, physics or mathematics
  • Experience in an Agile development environment
  • A love of games
  • A portfolio of extra-curricular or hobbyist projects

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Michaela Thompson

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