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Lead Concept Artist – Multi- Platform Development – Asia

Location: Chengdu, China Salary: Negotiable

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Our client is looking for an exceptionally talented individual to join their team as Lead Concept Artist. As a Lead, you will be managing and coordinating teams, setting the visual bar for a variety of project styles, ranging from cutting edge next-gen console games to mobile platform social games. You will be interpreting feedback and solving design issues, turning these into best practices for your project groups.

The team is responsible for facilitating the smooth transition between concept to 3D for a vast amount of a clients worldwide, providing us with new exciting challenges and opportunities for innovation in design and execution.



  • Extensive experience of concept art works in game industry and experience in a position of leadership
  • Manage a team of Junior and Senior concept artists engaged in projects of different styles, genres and platforms
  • Establish art production pipelines in coordination with Art Director and clients, managing multiple project simultaneously to meet multiple clients’ visual targets
  • Ensure technical formatting and artistic quality of deliverables through iterative development and process-driven improvement
  • Advise and communicate with Art Director regarding artistic and technical matters pertaining to outsourcing projects and in-house projects
  • Design and create quality benchmarks for other junior and senior concept artists. This may include (but is not limited to) environments, backgrounds, characters, props and colour schemes of gaming or video production based ideas presented by client development teams
  • Participate in recruitment and training of new talent in building a strong and versatile team




  • High level of creativity and problem-solving skills with an ability to adapt game design considerations into art assets for 3D production and a profound understanding of how to create a visual experience that goes hand-in-hand with game play.
  • Highly versatile with an ability to flexibly move between art styles with an understanding of best practices for reaching the visual target in a variety of project styles
  • Strong technical aptitude in software packages such as Photoshop/Painter, Zbrush. Knowledge of how to employ 3D production techniques into a concept workflow, including both not limited to whiteboxing, polypainting and compositing.
  • A high proficiency in speed painting and producing iterative mockup designs, clarifying and over painting design changes
  • Strong artistic aptitude in industrial design, life drawing, character- and environment painting backed up with a solid grasp on art fundamentals, functional design and stylization
  • Highly organized individual with an eye for details, precision and a passion for leading and mentoring. Open to sharing techniques and workflow to enhance the process efficiency and quality of art assets
  • An effective communicator capable of matching and assigning tasks to best fit individual skills and independently making sure that relevant measures are taken to maintain visual standards
  • Proven experience of painting and designing for visual brands, maintaining visual coherency in concept work
  • Self-motivated team player with the ability to prioritize and break down large orders into process-oriented tasks with emphasis on timely delivery schedules to accommodate our clients
  • College / University degree in Art related field (including architecture and industrial design)
  • Good working knowledge of English is a must

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Mitchell Gibson

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