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Lead Audio Programmer – PC Console – Scotland

Location: Edinburgh,Scotland Salary: Negotiable

Job ID: # Posted: 1 year ago


The Lead Audio Programmer is responsible for ensuring the delivery of audio systems for use by other game teams (Audio, Cinematics, etc.). The Lead Audio Programmer position will report to the Studio Programming Lead.


The role is also responsible for line management of the Audio Programming team as well as scheduling, Prioritising tasks and mentoring of more junior staff. The candidate must have excellent communication skills, provide technical leadership and be able to strike a balance between the immediate and long term needs of the project. The job will require flexibility, adaptability, problem solving skills that touch multiple disciplines and working effectively in an iterative development environment.


The role will work closely with both sound designers and the game code team, helping design and implement audio systems, integrate and manage our audio middleware, and be the key link between sound designers and the inner workings of the game. A large part of the role will involve high-level game code, problem solving, critical decision making, working across the entire codebase, but there is also scope for writing custom DSP effects.



  • Ensure delivery of high quality audio systems by the team.
  • Prioritise, plan and manage the work of the Audio Programming team with minimal oversight.
  • Help define the technical direction and develop innovative solutions for difficult audio problems.
  • Line manage members of the Audio Programming team and communicate clearly with other team members easily.
  • Help educate and support other teams to correctly and efficiently use audio systems.
  • Communicate with external companies and contractors with assistance.
  • QA and approve the audio code teams work.
  • Able to tune audio systems based on high level design input with minimal assistance.
  • Use appropriate data structures and algorithms to maximize efficiency (for both development time and runtime performance).
  • Be vigilant for and resolve new problems, delays and risks to delivery of the team’s objectives.
  • Seek support from upper management when required.



  • Exceptional communication skills, comfortable working across teams and mentoring staff.
  • Capable of reading and quickly understanding complex code.
  • Able to plan the work of the team including external dependencies with minimal input.
  • Experience managing a team of programmers.
  • Strong C++ programming and debugging skills.
  • Excellent practical understanding of game audio concepts.
  • Expert knowledge of a modern audio middleware solution such as Wwise.
  • Expert understanding of the technical limitations of videogame audio (e.g. performance, memory budgets, channel counts, surround sound, compression, VR audio, multi-player audio and the submission build process).
  • Experience with open world game environments, procedural audio and acoustic simulation.
  • Experience creating DSP effects is desirable but not essential.
  • Extensive algorithm and data structure skills (including time and space complexity and real-world vs theoretical performance).
  • Able to tune audio systems based on high level design input with minimal assistance.
  • Able to understand and utilize multi-threading primitives & high-level networking concepts.
  • Self-motivated and driven to creatively solve problems.
  • Videogame programming experience on audio systems, including having shipped at least one AAA PC/console title.
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced, high growth, start-up company environment.
  • Ability to work full-time based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Bachelor’s degree

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