3D Programmer – Narrative Adventure Game – South France

Location: Bordeaux, France Salary: Negotiable

Job ID: #23688 Posted: 2 weeks ago

This vacancy may offer a work-from-home start until it’s safe to work in-house or relocate to the location.

Job Title: 3D Programmer

Job Location: Bordeaux, France

Job Type: Permanent

Salary: Competitive

Project: Narrative Adventure Game


Within 15 years, this studio has become a major player in the gaming industry by undertaking ambitious productions and by partnering with several prestigious publishers including Ubisoft, Codemasters and Microsoft.

Based in a great location in South France, this studio offers an amazing personal and professional experience for its employees. They are seeking a 3D Programmer to join their latest unannounced project.


  • Expert C++ skills
  • Excellent knowledge of CPU, GPU, memory, cache, etc
  • Solid understanding of maths and algorithms in relation to 3D and display
  • Good understanding of parallel programming algorithms on the GPU and multithreading on the CPU
  • Deep knowledge of DirectX 11 API SDKs and their internal workings, DirectX12 or Vulkan, as well as the associated shader languages such as HLSL, GLSL, etc
  • Excellent at tuning tools on PC or console including PIX, RAZOR, NSight, VTune and versioning tools
  • Experienced in the implementation of optimised code for multiple platforms
  • Strong technical knowledge of rendering, audio or other areas
  • Aware of the SMD instruction sets (AVX, SSE, Altivec)
  • Familiar with modern network gaming platforms such as Xbox Live, PSN and SteamWork


  • Mastering the constraints of each of the target platforms
  • Take charge of analysing and optimising the existing 3D functionalities of the engine
  • Verifying that the 3D systems integrate well with existing codes and corresponds with the project
  • Optimising the flow of real-time data and editing
  • Maintenance and optimisation of certain systems (e.g. rendering, audio, scene management, image processing, production flow, network) on several target platforms
  • Working closely with the Technical Director and the Lead Platform Programmer in an auditing and advisory role for artists and designers
  • Design and develop the tools required for production


Interested in finding out more about the studio and project? Apply now or call directly today on +44 1206 214 422!

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