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Working in the Gaming Industry: Everything You Need to Know

Working in the Gaming Industry: Everything You Need to Know

From early releases like Manic Miner, to the juggernaut that is Grand Theft Auto, the UK gaming industry has always been making history. The talent, hard work and bold new ideas of our developers makes the UK the third largest producer of video games in the world. Over time, these games have inspired thousands of people to begin working in the gaming industry. But what is working in the gaming industry really like? What skills do you need? What roles can you do?

Working in the gaming industry


Top Roles Working in the Gaming Industry

Though the end product may be games, the industry itself is serious business. It’s estimated that the video games industry employs around 50,000 professionals in the UK. Up to 80% of these professionals have an undergraduate degree, alongside their technical knowledge and creative mindset.

But what kind of roles do these people work in? Many different ones.

Designers will plan the fundamental building blocks of a game and decide its direction. They may work hand in hand with writers on the game’s narrative.

On the development side, you’re bound to find tech heavy roles. Programmers for example will work everything from in-game physics and AI to the creation of game engines and tools themselves.

Of course, programmers need testers to help. Testing is a role that calls for people ready to diligently hunt down technical faults and bugs.

Then there’s artists. Working in 2D or 3D, an artist will bring everything to life from people to pavements. You could be animating a sprite, or a full CG cinematic. Teams will also need the help of experts in sound design.

Outside of development itself, there are also roles in production, pitching and marketing. This involves all the stuff that gets a game from the development team to people’s home machines, whilst communicating with stakeholders and publishers.


Skills to Stand Out from the Crowd

Of course, when applying to work in the gaming industry, skill and passion will serve you well. But there are a lot of keen gamers out there, so you’ll need something more to stand out from the crowd in this very competitive field.

Proficiency in programming languages is a must for more technical roles. A degree in computer science or a similar field will go a long way here. An analytical mind is a must for programming and testing.

For artists, writers and other creatives, there are all kinds of ways to gain experience in the industry. With remote work opportunities available, you could get some solid freelance experience that helps you stand out in a competitive market.

Wide knowledge not just of games, but of industry trends in general, is also an attractive sign that you take the industry seriously as a place for professional business.

There are all kinds of roles out there in the world of gaming. But if you’re interested in working in the gaming industry, it might seem overwhelming. If so, you’ll want to work with a recruitment agency who know the field. So, find your next gaming job today with OPMjobs! Browse our current vacancies online or get in touch with our team for more information.


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