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Why You Need To Know Programming Languages

Why You Need To Know Programming Languages

Programming languages have existed in one form or another since computers were first made. Of course, their usefulness and complexity have both increased in order to accommodate for more challenging requirements. Even seemingly simple languages such as MS-DOS are considered to be mandatory for game developer jobs, with the sheer variety of languages available to learn increasing each year.

Let us take a look at some of the most common coding systems, how they can be employed within the gaming sector, and why possessing such skills is essential in this day and age.


Programming & Game Designer Jobs


A Quick Look at Well-Known Programming Languages


There are many roles and responsibilities associated with game developer jobs. While some individuals are focused solely upon metrics such as the story line and character development, others are involved with creating the game from the ground up. So a good candidate needs to have knowledge of one (or more) languages. The most commonly used include:

  • C++
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Java

We can think of these languages as the digital “skeletons” from which the games themselves will be developed. However, possessing static knowledge alone is normally not enough to land the most lucrative game developer jobs. The best in the business are well aware that hands-on experience is able to teach invaluable lessons. Trying and failing is important, as mistakes educate programmers as to what not to do in the future.


Game Developer Jobs


A Changing Landscape


Another important point to mention is that the number of mobile gaming apps is on the rise. Tens of thousands of applications are created on a monthly basis, and the majority of experts believe this number is set to increase well into the future. Therefore, the variety of game developer jobs specifically devoted to this sector will provide an opportunity for those who possess the required skill sets.

Continually, modern languages need to make the most use out of what can sometimes represent a limited amount of processing power (such as an older iOS operating system). This is why working smart as opposed to hard is another trait valued in programmers. A thorough knowledge of coding languages will enable them to create truly stunning games that will not tax the memory of an existing operating system.

Game developers are rarely given credit for the role they play in creating some of the most well-known platforms in the world today. Whether referring to a popular MMORPG, a first-person shooter, or a point-and-click game for smartphones, there is no doubt that the gaming industry will continue to evolve. If it were not for these programmers, we might very well still be playing Pong.

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