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What is the Role of a Computer Games Tester?

What is the Role of a Computer Games Tester?

For anyone who has passion for gaming, a role as a Computer Games Tester could be the perfect match. It’s a relatively new role, and one that is currently high in demand within the industry.

Here at OPMjobs our Test & Translate team are dedicated to finding the dream jobs for our candidates. The industry is looking for Quality Assurance Managers, Project Leads, QA Testers and Senior/Lead Technicians. Our mission is the find the right people to fill those roles. So, let’s take a closer look at what a Games Tester role is and what they actually do.


Video Game Tester


What is a Games Tester in the computer games industry?

You may imagine that the role of Games Tester or QA Tester is simply to play games all day. And while to an extent that’s true, it’s also a demanding and important job!

When a video game production company brings a new game to market, it has to be flawless. During the development stages there will be glitches and bugs, and these must be removed before the game is presented to the public.

This applies to every type of computer game, from Xbox and Playstation to PC platforms. The only way to achieve this is to play the game from start to finish in every possible configuration. Only that way can the bugs be identified and eliminated.


What’s a typical day for a Computer Games Tester?

Your main responsibility as a Games Tester is to guarantee the quality assurance of a new product. In other words, you’re attempting to break the game so that developers can iron out the glitches.

It can be a repetitive process, but if you love gaming, it can also be incredibly satisfying. You will need to explore every possible avenue of the game to find hidden faults. You will also need to travel down the same paths to ensure that previous bugs have been removed.

All the different settings will need to be tested, along with all the different options available. You will also need to check for any spelling mistakes, questionable grammar or typos. So as well as gaming experience, you’ll need to have a methodical approach to your tasks.


Career opportunities

If you don’t have experience in coding or design, testing can be a good way to get into the industry. It’s a sector that continues to grow, and there are some great opportunities for the right candidates.

Good experience of gaming is obviously required, but any knowledge of programming would be an advantage. There are numerous testing roles available within the industry, both for graduates and those looking to change sectors.

It can be a lucrative profession if you find the right company, and the ideal job if you love gaming. If you have good communication skills to liaise with developers, it could be the vocation you’ve been looking for.

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