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What Exactly Do Gaming Marketing Jobs Entail?

What Exactly Do Gaming Marketing Jobs Entail?

The gaming industry is filled with talented developers, many of whom are making excellent games. Unfortunately, the large number of games out there means many are unknown or ignored despite their quality. This is where they need marketing to succeed. Gaming marketers help build interest in a game so that the public not only know of its existence, but want to play it as well. While this might sound simple, how you market a game can lead to its success or failure. Here is what you need to consider if you are interested in applying for gaming marketing jobs.


Are All Gaming Marketing Jobs The Same?

Gaming marketing jobs can take many forms based on a range of factors. A game from an established AAA company will already have hype built around the brand, but will still need marketing to attract as many gamers as possible. A new indie game, on the other hand, will need the right marketing to be seen, let alone build interest. Games from different genres will need marketing tailored to the audience you are trying to attract. A sports game, for example, will appeal to a different type of gamer compared to the latest open world RPG. Being able to focus your marketing onto the right audience will show your ability to excel in gaming marketing.


What Do Gaming Marketers Do?

Gaming marketing jobs require you to create the right campaign aimed towards the right target audience. Some ways to achieve this include:

  • Copywriting – Writes content for email newsletters, advertisements and social media posts. Helps define the overall voice of the brand.
  • Digital marketing – Purchases online media spots, helps set up online campaigns, and reports back on statistics.
  • Influencer marketing – Reaches out to influencers within the gaming world and provides content for them to play and promote.
  • Product marketing – Focuses on the game’s theme and content, what it needs to appeal to the most people, and works closely with the sales team.
  • Brand management – Promotes the brand itself through events, projects, and more. Helps build a positive reputation for the company.


What Skills Do I Need For a Job in Gaming Marketing?

Having the right credentials is vital if you want to stand out from other applicants for gaming marketing roles. Having a bachelor’s degree in a field such as marketing, communications or PR will help. In addition, you could look for qualifications in graphic design, writing or another creative subject. You should also have a good understanding of modern marketing strategies, especially when it comes to social media and other digital channels. Strong communication skills and problem-solving skills are a must.


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