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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Games Industry

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Games Industry

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to show how much you care about that particular someone. However, chocolates and flowers aren’t always enough—a memorable gift, such as a gadget or game, might feel a lot more meaningful. Gaming isn’t inherently romantic or sexy, of course. If you’re going to embark on this adventure, you’ll need to pick a gift that fits the Valentine’s Day vibe. To lighten your load, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite gaming-themed Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


Retro Games Cheeseboard

What says ‘I love you’ more than a Mr and Ms Pac-man themed cheeseboard? You can personalise the board with two names to make this cheeseboard your own. Made from gorgeous hevea wood this is a terrific and quirky gift for retro couples! The package includes specialty cheese knives and a rotating knife drawer, ensuring you have everything you need for a valentine’s cheese fest!


Personalised Gamer-Tag Sign

Bring your partners game room to life, with their very own customised Gamertag backlit LED. The LED can be personalised with their favourite font and even a streaming symbol of their choice, in addition to illuminating the room with brilliant hues.


Valentine Pokemon Card

This charming card is ideal for anyone who enjoys trading cards, particularly Pokémon! It’s packaged in a Topper to keep it safe. There are several different cards available, so you can even choose their favourite starter Pokemon!


Nintendo Switch

The Switch experience for couples is extremely user-friendly. You can make two distinct accounts, each with their own avatar and background colour, and each with their own preferences. You can play games at your own leisure or team up with your partner to play one of the many co-op games that have made this system so popular.


Games you can play together
Escape Academy

Escape rooms can make for a popular date night, and Escape Academy lets couples experience them in video game form. Escape Academy transports players to an espionage school where students learn the art of eluding capture. While you can complete the challenges and puzzles in Escape Academy on your own, why not bring in your special someone for split-screen or online co-op adventure. Escape Academy’s puzzles, like real-life escape rooms, are much more enjoyable to solve with someone else there to help.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

When it comes to competitive games to play with your partner, Mario Kart is hard to beat. The races are entertaining, the action is fast, and the bananas never get old. You’ll find yourself dancing to your victories and rubbing bad luck in each other’s faces, what could be more romantic than that?


Unravel Two

Unravel Two is built as a two-player experience. The puzzles are well-crafted, and you can’t get very far without teamwork. This is a great option for casual gamers too as the game has been designed so that if one of the players is having trouble learning the game, they can be assisted through the journey.


Portal 2

The co-op campaign in Portal 2 was one of the game’s many highlights. It was well-made, entertaining to play, and full of great moments, taking advantage of the additional intricacies that a two-person, four-portal universe provided.


It Takes Two

What’s impressive about It Takes Two is that it’s an incredibly good adventure puzzle game designed specifically for two people — and not in the traditional multiplayer sense of “two people must step on these switches to open a door to proceed,” but rather one in which you’ll need to effectively communicate with the other player to find solutions. This list wouldn’t be complete without arguably the world’s most collaborative split-screen co-op game.


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