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Turning a 2D Concept Into a 3D Masterpiece

Turning a 2D Concept Into a 3D Masterpiece

Graphic designers are certainly in high demand. Whether referring to the online gaming community, interactive three-dimensional imagery or the latest product promotions, the fact of the matter is that these individuals possess both the skills and the talent to succeed. However, the process of conceptualisation is one of the most important components of transforming a dream into a reality. This is why those who are interested in learning more about 3D animation jobs should always make it a point to understand how a 2D project can evolve into a three-dimensional masterpiece.


Putting an Angle on Things


One of the most common ways to turn a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional masterpiece is through the use of angles. After all, it is important to first appreciate how the object appears from multiple different perspectives. This is why it is prudent to obtain views from a number of angles. The technician will then be able to render an accurate composition through the use of software utilities such as ZBrush.

2D to 3D Car Sketch - OPM Jobs 3D Animation Jobs


Having said this, there can also be times when the artist is not provided with a sufficient number of angles. This is when he or she might be required to be slightly more creative in terms of “filling in the gaps”. Once again, the main takeaway point here is to remain as true as possible to the original form. This is particularly relevant when tackling a marketing project or when designing 3D sprites within a Flash-based game.


More Than Meets the Eye


2D to 3D Car Animation Image - OPM Jobs 3D Animation Jobs

We are all aware that the world of digital graphics has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past decade. This is why realism is extremely important when creating a three-dimensional image. An artist will therefore need to “sculpt” the rough digital form. This is similar in some ways to how a traditional sculptor would shave away pieces of clay or stone in order to achieve the desired output. Talent and experience are both required in this case, as these modifications will need to be performed from numerous perspectives. When rendering complicated shapes such as a human face, patience will likewise play a critical role. The good news is that modern digital sandboxes allow the user to make countless upgrades or to revert back to an earlier iteration with ease.




Assuming that the image has been successfully rendered, the artist will need to address lighting issues in order to provide a sense of depth and realism. Once again, this requires a fair amount of skill and technical insight; especially if the object in question contains reflective properties (such as the windows of a home). Once the correct lighting has been achieved, final tweaks include adjusting contrast, hues and exposure.

2D to 3D Car Animation - OPM Jobs 3D Animation Jobs

Talented character artists who are looking for modern 3D animation jobs are certainly entering into a lucrative and exciting field. While technology plays an important role, we need to keep in mind that vision and imagination are just as crucial. Feel free to contact our team in order to remain posted about any upcoming employment opportunities.


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