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The Wellness Hour – helping the team cope in isolation

The Wellness Hour – helping the team cope in isolation

OPMjobs are proud of our new incentive to help the team cope with isolation – the Wellness Hour.

Getting a work/life balance is trickier than it used to be now that we’re all working from home remotely. To help with these challenges, our staff are now allowed up to an extra hour a day to use as they want to; provided that they make up the time at some point during the day. They don’t have to take the hour all at once, so can stagger it across the day if that helps them. There are a couple of standout reasons why we ended up going with this idea, however it’s really up to the team how they want to use the time, if they want to use it at all.



The advice from most Mental Health organisations such as Safe in Our World is to get outside every day, for a walk or more vigorous forms of exercise. However, with the weather being a bit dull recently we were unfortunately missing out on the nicest part of the day, and this was stopping some of the team from venturing out. Now our staff can get outside when the sun is at its highest, and when there will hopefully be less people around.

Another benefit of the Wellness Hour is for the guys at home that have children. It’s not easy to work a full day with a child in the house for many reasons. Parents can now use this hour to help look after and spend some quality time with their kids, and then catch up on their emails once they’ve put them to bed.



We thought we’d tell the world about our new idea just in case you’re trying to get hold of one of our team members while they’re having a lovely stroll round the park, or fending off invisible attackers from a sofa fort.


If you think this sounds like a good idea that could benefit you, maybe this is something you can suggest to your team? We’d be over the moon to hear from people that agree this could help them!



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