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Stress relieving games – our top picks

Stress relieving games – our top picks

Many people find Christmas a wonderful time to meet family, swap presents, and party! However, it is well documented that people can find Christmas a stressful time and it can be difficult for those struggling with their mental health. Games are an amazing escape to help unwind in the break before we’re all back at work again. I polled some members of the team to find out what games help them relax and take their minds off things.


Super Mario 64 – JJ 

Putting in your cartridge, flicking on the power switch on the Nintendo 64 and hearing Charles Martinet’s iconic voice exclaim ‘It’s-a Me, Mario!’ is one of my earliest gaming memories. A game which stands the test of time (apart from maybe the camera controls) with simple but effective mechanics, various vibrant and enjoyable levels, backed by a marvellous soundtrack. From the time you jump into the first painting, you find it hard not smile.


Take a break from just watching TV – Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


Crash Team Racing – Emma

What Emma loves about CTR is that she can unwind with her partner more and it’s a lot more interactive than watching TV. It gets them both away from some other games which can actually increase general frustration, and the controls and general gameplay are easy to pick up and play without too much effort. The nature of CTR means is can be a lot of fun for someone who isn’t the biggest gamer.


Pokémon Snap – Dan 

Nintendo smashed another one out of the park with this unique title for the Nintendo 64.  Being brought into the world of one of the most popular games on the planet, testing out your amateur photography skills is vastly unique, but a fun and relaxing break in comparison to other games.


Who said stress relief had to be relaxing? – Street Fighter


Street Fighter (Any) – Claire 

Some people want a tranquil experience to unwind. Claire is not one of those people. She finds button bashing can be a huge stress relief. When things build up a bit too much, she’ll load up Street Fighter and take it all out on her unsuspecting opponent. Ever thought of taking up boxing Claire?


Fallout 3 – Mitch 

Mitch finds a deep RPG open-world character driven game is the way to go. Where better to look than Fallout 3 if you want to disappear into another world and forget who you are for a few hours.


Take a break from real life stresses, take on some virtual one – Football Manager 2022


Football Manager – Kallum 

Being a football manager in real life seems like 100% the opposite of a stress relieving, mind calming experience. However, booting up your PC and stepping in to the virtual hot seat to try your luck at being the next Fergie or Wenger is one hell of an immersive escape.


That’s our picks. Let us know some of yours!


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