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Overcoming Job Search Anxiety

Overcoming Job Search Anxiety

Let’s chat about job search anxiety. Maybe you’ve been crushing it at a studio for what feels like an eternity, but suddenly, the game loses its sparkle. Maybe you’ve been struggling after being hit with redundancy or have simply outgrown your current level, leaving you feeling stuck in a rut. The thought of exploring new opportunities might seem daunting.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the entire process, from updating your CV and portfolio, to navigating the maze of job applications. And let’s not forget the stress of needing a new gig – fast.  It’s tough in the gaming job market, and those job hunt jitters are hitting hard.

We often hear people say they are feeling hopeless applying for jobs, or that they are starting to obsess over finding a new job. If not dealt with excessive stress and depression can leave an impact on your life. If you think are experiencing these job search anxiety warning signs and are starting to feel hopeless please seek further support.

Now take a deep breath. We are here to offer an assist, with some insider tips and tricks to level up your job search game while keeping that morale meter high.  

What is Job Search Anxiety?

Job search anxiety is the stress and apprehension that people feel when trying to find a new job. It happens when job seekers feel unsure about their application, compare themselves to others, feel overwhelmed with the whole process or feel under pressure to get a job quickly.

Why is Job Hunting so Stressful?
The comparison trap.

Knowing there is a lot of competition for the roles you are applying for can mess with your confidence. You may be doubting that your experience, skills, or qualifications are going to stand out. This is also where imposter syndrome often starts to rear its head.

Juggling too much?

Crafting resumes, cover letters and sometimes even customising portfolios for different jobs is enough to overwhelm the best of us. It’s totally normal for all of this to feel like a monumental task, particularly when you’re unsure about the outcomes.

A man juggles portfolio, cov and cover letter. A woman checks her phone, worried. There is a sand timer showing she is waaiting for something.
The waiting game

There is a lot of uncertainty that arises when waiting to hear back from a studio about an application. The waiting can be prolonged, and you may not even know how long you should expect to wait. Some employers may not even get back to you at all. It’s nerve-wracking and can trigger feelings of self-doubt.

How to Fight Through Job Search Anxiety

Maintaining a positive mindset throughout your job search journey is pivotal. Here are some strategies to help you take on your job search without losing your morale.

Tame your Tasks

Break down your main goal of job hunting into mini tasks. Tackle one thing at a time, like you’re working through a main story quest. Working through a little at a time can make everything feel a lot less daunting. Smashing through lots of small goals feels way better than one big task.

Routine Rhythm

Stick to a routine. Job search time, relaxation time, and maybe even some game time. Balance is key! It’s important to ensure that you are taking breaks and allowing time for yourself to recharge as part of your routine. Particularly if you are still currently employed while looking. Allocate time for job hunting wisely to avoid burnout.

And it’s important to stress here that if it does all feel like its getting too much, take a step back and evaluate what your body and mind are telling you. Readjust your routine, and take a bit of a break from the pressures of the job search if you at any point feel you need to focus on your well-being.

A page in of a daily schedule in the background. A young woman is saat at her desk writing notes whilst working on a job application on one side. on the other side aa young woman relaxes in bed cuddling her cat.
Focus on What You Can Control

Switch your focus from the outcome to your actions. You can’t control the hiring manager’s speed, but you can buff up your application for the next opportunity and work on your networking skills while you wait.

Network Magic

Connect with professional networks and share your experiences. Being able to give and receive advice can do wonders. The community support that we’ve seen, even just on LinkedIn, surrounding the current state of the games industry job market has been incredible.

Stories That Inspire

Reading success stories of others who braved the job market might spark up some new ideas and give you a boost of motivation. While it’s great to feel that camaraderie with those in the same boat, make sure you’re also looking at those who have found the light at the end of the tunnel for a bit of positivity.

Health Quest

Boost your morale with some workout quests! Exercise or just go on walks, eat food that’s good for you and have ample sleep level up your mood and keep your energy high. It sounds like a cliché but the small things you can do for your physical health will help you feel better mentally.

Cheers for Victories

We think this is an important one! No matter how small, every win deserves a celebration. Finished updating your CV? Polished up that cover letter you were agonising over? Finally sent your portfolio to that hiring manager after fretting about making it perfect? Treat yourself every step of the way, every victory counts.

Remember, job hunting is a process. Staying positive, setting boundaries, and nurturing your skills while seeking new opportunities is key. It’s normal to have those anxious jitters while navigating the job hunt. But with these tips, the support around you and a sprinkle of resilience, your next opportunity will be right around the corner.

Keep calm and game on.

Our partners Safe in Our World have many resources and a list of helplines to support mental health within the games industry if you are struggling and need more support.


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