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OPM’s Favourite Esports Moments – #WorldEsportsDay

OPM’s Favourite Esports Moments – #WorldEsportsDay

Saturday 23rd October 2021 marks the second World Esports Day from The British Esports Association aiming to promote the global awareness and celebration of Esports and competitive gaming whilst also raising money for COVAX.

With some avid competitive gamers in our team, we wanted to get involved in the celebration and share some of our favourite moments in Esports history.

Evo Moment #37 – Gary, Technical Art, Lighting & VFX Art Recruitment Consultant.

You knew this would make the list, right? Probably the most famous Esports moment in history “Evo Moment #37” or “Daigo Parry” truly showcases the parallels between traditional sports and gaming.

The blend in the style of play between Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara, the near inhuman reaction times of a player at his peak and the crowd reaction as the drama unfolds – it is no wonder that this clip still resonates.

The Six Million Dollar Slam – Jordan, Operations Manager.

Another legendary moment in professional gaming from the 2015 Dota 2 International Finals. With Evil Geniuses 2- 1 up in the series vs CDEC, during the fourth game CDEC try to capitalise on an advantage after killing off one member of the EG team.

However, in a moment of pure brilliance, coordination, and hype, EG turns the tide catching them in the pit using an Iceblast followed by an Echo Slam essentially winning them the series and a huge $6 million.

The Rivalry Begins – JJ, Senior Recruitment & Marketing Support.

To set the scene, this clip is taken from the era known as the “Dark Age” of competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. Amongst dwindling tournament attendance numbers, a Swedish teenager travels to America to attend GENESIS with the pride of a (deemed inferior skilled) continent on his back.

Blazing a trail through the majority of players in attendance, he takes the world number 1 to the brink of losing against all odds before Mango pulls out the ultimate punish with a ‘hard read’ and a ‘rest’. The iconic moment & series, kickstarts the revival of the competitive scene making it one of the most viewed Esports on Twitch and beginning Melee’s greatest rivalry Mango vs Armada.

THIS IS ROCKET LEAGUE! – Brandon, Art Recruitment Support.

Anyone who has tried to play Rocket League knows the pain and skill required to get the cars to do, what you want them to do, when you want them to do it!

Now, remember the above as you watch the closing seconds of the Grand Finals of RLCS Season 5 where NRG are down 2-3 vs Team Dignitas. Accompanied by exuberant commentary from JSTN and well… pure gold.

G2 Wins MSI 2019 – Nathan, Marketing Manager.

The first European team to win a major international since 2011! The fastest best of five final at a major in history! ‘Caps’ popping off for an hour! Who doesn’t enjoy watching that?

Bonus Picks:

“The Play”



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