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Is a Creative Assistant Job the Right Role for You?

Is a Creative Assistant Job the Right Role for You?

If you’re interested in or involved in the video gaming industry, a creative assistant post is something to aim for. But before you start sending out your CV, it’s advisable to know as much as you can about the role. Not only will it improve your chances of being hired, it will also help you decide if it’s the right job for you.

The service we provide at OPMjobs is built around introducing the right candidates to the right employers. We don’t simply try to get you a job; we try to get you the job you really want, as well as finding employers the people they need. So, let’s take a closer look at the role of a creative assistant.

Creative Assistant


What is a creative assistant in the gaming industry?

As the name suggests, in simple terms, this role entails providing assistance to the creative director. It’s the task of the video director to manage the overall success of a project. The role of an assistant is to provide everything the director needs to achieve this.

You’re likely to be involved in all aspects of the creative process, from start to finish of a project. You’re also likely to be interacting with colleagues at all levels, and good communication will be key.


What does the role involve?

In truth, the position of assistant can prove to be an extremely varied role. You could be making coffee in the morning and assisting the company’s game artist in the afternoon. However, documenting each stage of a project is likely to be an important part of your duties. There’ll probably be plenty of in-depth research to carry out, too.

You’ll be expected to record information taken from interviews and research trips, and identify the relevant parts. You may also be expected to contribute in a creative way, with useful feedback and your own ideas. For that reason, a knowledge of games – if not a passion for them – will be essential.


What skills and qualities are needed?

Without doubt, a love of video gaming and an understanding of the creative process is crucial. It’s an industry where passion is key, and without it you may find yourself struggling. As well as creative skills, you’ll also need to be well organised, and capable of meeting daily challenges head on.

You’ll also need to have an aptitude for research and the ability to communicate well at every level. If you’re flexible, adaptable, outgoing and imaginative, the role of a creative assistant could be perfect for you.


Opportunities for progression

Whatever your position, there are always opportunities for progression. One of the advantages of the creative assistant role is gaining experience of all aspects of the process. This is useful not only for your progression, but also in identifying your particular skill set. If you follow your talents, there’s no limit to where they might lead you.

Here at OPM, we’re experts at bringing job seekers together with their dream employers. Find your next creative role in the gaming industry with OPMjobs.


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