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We are thrilled to be able to share the winners of the 2023 IG50 Awards!

The IG50 is an annual award recognising the 50 most employable, yet currently unemployed, individuals looking to break into the games industry! What truly surprises us is the abundance of untapped talent struggling to enter the industry, thats why we have partnered with Into Games to support this initiative. Whether you’re a fresh-faced games graduate, a professional from another field seeking a breakthrough, or a bedroom game maker with dreams of working for a major studio, the IG50 creates a level playing field to make the games industry accessible to all, free from background or bias.

Winners have been hand picked from hundreds of submissions buy industry experts from top studios as being the the cream of the crop. These 50 winners cover 6 categories:
Art | Audio | CM and Marketing | Design and Narrative | Production and Operations | Programming.

Check out the statistics from all our IG50 submissions in the report. It includes statistics on the diversity of applicants and winners and what categories were most popular for our applicants!

Looking to add to your team?

Each member of the IG50 is currently looking for their break-out role into the games industry, if you or someone you know are looking to take on someone with fresh ideas into your studio, please check out their profiles and portfolios. They already have the seal of approval from a trusted panel of experts, after all!


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