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How to Get a Job as a Video Game Tester

How to Get a Job as a Video Game Tester

For anyone who has a love of gaming, being a video game tester could be your dream job. However, being a games tester doesn’t just mean sitting down all day playing games! Of course, people in this role still spend a lot of time with a controller in their hands. A video game tester will play a game to discover every bug, glitch and error they can. This means trying to break the game in as many ways as possible. But beyond playing the game, the most important part within this role is communicating with developers. Developers will depend on this feedback to make their games bug free. Read on to find out more about a career as a video game tester, and how you could land your next role.

Video Game Tester


What Skills Should I Bring to the Role?

Clearly, being a QA tester is about much more than just play. But, a passion for video games and skill behind the controller are still a great fit for the role. Finding out bugs and glitches may call for complicated and repetitive inputs, which you may need to repeat after patching. Some days might see you working alone, whilst at other times you may be working alongside a developer in real time whilst they code.

Some roles may call for formal qualifications, like a computer science degree. However, these are not always essential. Strong problem-solving skills on the other hand are always desirable. With gaming bigger than ever, there are all kinds of positions out there with different kinds of demands.

Of course, what you manage to pull off on-screen is only one part of the role. As a video game tester, you’ll have plenty of other duties. Most importantly, you’ll need to clearly communicate your findings with the developers, which will often involve writing reports. The more clearly you are able to explain how you found a bug or glitch, the easier it will be for the developer to rectify it.

Secure Your Next Game Testing Role with OPM Jobs

A video game tester with strong communication skills is a desirable asset for any studio. Clear bug reports can save developer’s time, which is particularly important during busy crunch periods. Additionally, releasing debugged games helps a studio maintain their reputation for quality products.

Alongside all of these other skills goes attention to detail. You need to be rigorous in spotting errors both in the game, and on the page. This means having plenty of patience, persistence and perseverance. One of the best ways you can show this to hirers is by thoroughly proofing your CV.

There are many games testing roles out there that are aimed at different kinds of candidates. You don’t have to have years of industry experience behind you. Whether you’re a graduate or looking to change industry, QA testing might be for you.

You can explore all kinds of gaming jobs open for application on our website. OPM Jobs can help you find your next job in gaming!


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