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Games and Tools Embracing the Power of Words

Games and Tools Embracing the Power of Words

This National Writing Day let’s celebrate the art of storytelling and the impact of words in games. Several exceptional titles have emerged that demonstrate the incredible potential of writing and narrative in creating immersive and engaging gameplay experiences. We could easily talk about some of the beautifully written and award winning masterpieces such as Plague Tale, The Last of Us or Life is Strange. But today, we explore three remarkable games – Beacon Pines, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, and Storyteller – that masterfully utilise writing to shape gameplay in new and interesting ways, and we’ll also highlight some fun tools for aspiring writers to create their own stories.

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Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines takes players on an extraordinary adventure into a magical storybook world. You play both as the narrator of the story, and as its protagonist. With an sweet anthropomorphic art style that contrasts a dark and compelling storyline. Explore the charming town of Beacon Pines, every word encountered holds significance, shaping the fate of the characters and narrative. Words that hold significance become ‘charms’ that allow you to rewrite the story as you go, creating different ‘branches’ through choices to jump between in order to unravel the mystery. It’s an exquisite example of how words can become an interactive medium.

Find it on Steam here.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a 2D platformer that transports players into the enchanting journal of a young girl named Izzy. In this visually stunning game written by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett, words come alive, literally. You navigate the pages of Izzy’s diary, where written words materialise in the form of platforms and puzzles. Choices can be made in diary entries as to which words to include that alter the story. The writing blends seamlessly with the gameplay mechanics, creating a deeply emotional and introspective journey that celebrates the power of storytelling and personal expression.

Find it on Steam here.


Storyteller is a captivating short puzzle game in a beautifully hand drawn style that takes inspiration from classic fairy tales. In each round of the game you are given the title of a story to tell. Using visual language you build each scene to tell the story that fits the title. With each scene cleverly understanding the context based on the scenes before it. While it may have a simple drag and drop gameplay system, with so many ways to experiment with your story this game really does encapsulate the art of storytelling in a unique and truly charming way.

Find it on Steam here.

Tools for Aspiring Writers

For those who aspire to craft their own narratives, there are several fun tools available that can spark creativity and aid the storytelling process.

  • Dice: Roll the dice and let chance dictate the path of your story. Use thematic dice sets with symbols or words to inspire unexpected twists and turns, providing a fresh perspective on your writing. Like these Storytelling Cubes.
  • Cards: Storytelling card decks, such as The Storymatic or StoryForge, offer endless combinations of characters, settings, and plot elements. Draw cards and let them guide your imagination, unlocking new story possibilities.
  • Twine: Twine is a powerful and user-friendly tool for creating interactive stories. With its simple text-based interface, you can craft branching narratives. It’s a fantastic platform for experimenting with nonlinear choice-based storytelling.

Let’s embrace the magic of writing, and let your words shape extraordinary worlds. Happy National Writing Day!

*Article written with ChatGPT 👀


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