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Game Recruitment Update

Game Recruitment Update

The field of game recruitment is growing day by day as new potential candidates enter the market. From a niche interest in the beginning, the video game industry is now recognised as a legitimate economic sector. Over the last few years, it has contributed billions of pounds to the global economy. It’s no wonder that game industry recruiters are constantly on the lookout for new talent.

Since 1998, OPMjobs has been helping applicants within the video game industry to find their perfect role. We’ve built relationships with some of the leading games companies across the globe. Our mission is to match candidates with the companies they want to work for. Below is our brief update on the state of the game recruitment market.


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Move and develop your skill set with the help of a game recruitment agency

The same basic rules apply to game industry jobs as they do to those in any other sector. The first thing to do is make sure your CV is as good as it can be. Hundreds of CVs are received every day in game recruitment, so you really need to stand out from the crowd. Keep it as succinct as you can and always informative. Include a brief summary of your best qualities near the beginning.

If you’re looking to move into a different area, such as design, you’ll need to prepare yourself thoroughly. Learn as much as you can about the role you’re aiming for. Talk to people already doing that job, or even better, watch them work. When it comes to interview time, you need to show game industry recruiters that you fully understand what’s involved.


What kind of jobs are available?

There’s a misconception that people in the video game industry spend all day playing games. For some that may be true; but the variety of roles on offer is truly diverse, with something to suit every talent. A good way to approach the industry is to identify your area of special interest. For those with a background in sound or music there are numerous roles within Audio. If your creativity is more visual, talented Artists are always sought after by gaming companies. It goes without saying that Designers who bring something new to the industry will always be welcomed.

Many other game industry jobs are largely synonymous with those in other sectors. These include roles such as business development, customer support and human resources, along with sales & marketing and IT. If you can combine these skills with a love of gaming, you could find your perfect role.


Jobs and development in technology

Technological advances affect every industry, and gaming is no exception. Candidates will have to show exceptional skill and experience when applying for roles in new areas of development. Recruiters, too, will have to take into account other attributes. These will include existing skill sets, personality and willingness to learn on the job.

Here at OPMjobs we place the right candidates in front of the employers who need their particular skills. Why not contact us today to find your next job in games?


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