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Four Day Workweek Games Industry Survey Results

Four Day Workweek Games Industry Survey Results

6th June 2022

The way people work is shifting and changing in historic ways. To improve employee contentment, well-being, and productivity, many businesses are discarding the old playbook and experimenting with new concepts. 58% of employees believe that their job is the primary cause of their mental health concerns, and companies around the world are becoming very aware of this. There isn’t a single solution that is going to suit every person in every industry, however, one concept appears to be gaining traction on a large scale: the infamous four-day workweek.

For the modern worker, the concept makes sense because it emphasises well-being, mental health, and prioritising ourselves and our family. The possible change is gaining support among employees and business owners alike due to the obvious benefits. Naturally, not everyone believes that such a change would be beneficial to them or their organisation. We felt it would be fascinating to hear from the video game industry on the subject.

Download our Games Industry Four Day Workweek Survey Report

Before asking the industry what they thought we had a feeling that the games industry would be behind the idea, however we weren’t expecting to see just how many people would like to make the change. The majority of people across all seniority levels and industry specialisms are in favour of a four day workweek. It almost seems inevitable that the four day workweek will be coming to the industry in the future, and possibly not that far into it.

We’ve summarised our findings in a PDF report that you can download and share with industry friends and colleagues, it’s about time everybody talked to each other about how we all feel about this.


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