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Blogs for Game Language Translators

Blogs for Game Language Translators

If you have a passion for games, know multiple languages and want to help bring games to wider audience, then a game language translator job is for you. Language translators translate games from one language to another. In addition, they are also able to localise content so that it appeals to the intended audience. The art of language translation is an important one in games. Therefore, it is vital that you have the best information on hand if you choose this career path. Read on to find out a few blogs we highly recommend checking out if you want to be a game language translator.

Game Language Translator


Language Translator Blogs


Here are some of our most recommended blogs for game language translators:

Between Translations – Jayne Fox is a German/English translator who writes about professional development in the translation field as well as the use of technology in aiding translation. Her blog covers a range of professional industries. She discusses various computer assisted translation (CAT) tools and recommends a number of resources that are useful for translators.

Translation Times – Judy and Dagmar Jenner are twin sisters who have had extensive experience as translators and interpreters. Their blog offers important information for translators regarding professional development, negotiating payments and job opportunities. They also offer recommendations for translation software and other helpful resources.

A Pragmatic Eye – Charlie Bavington is a French/English translator with extensive IT experience. He makes thought-provoking observations regarding the translation field. In his blog he discusses issues faced by translators such as translation software problems and issues regarding payment and the economics of translation work.

While there are many blogs out there that should prove helpful for game translators, these three will give you an overall understanding of the field and what is needed to succeed.


How To Succeed As A Game Translator


Understanding what it takes to succeed in the translation field is half the battle. In order to fully succeed as a game translator you need to have the right skills on hand. It should go without saying that the more languages you are fluent in, the better your career prospects as a language translator. Simply being able to translate from one language to another is not enough when localising games. You need to know how to translate in a way that is relatable to the intended audience. This means having an insight into the culture, history, slang, politics and other elements so that a game will appeal to the widest audience possible.

Having a passion for games and a creative mind are must-have skills for a game language translator. In addition, being able to meet deadlines while paying close attention to essential details will get you ahead. With these skills in place, and the knowledge gleaned from blogs, you will have what you need to acquire a game language translator job.


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