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Autism Awareness Month – Resources for the Games Industry

Autism Awareness Month – Resources for the Games Industry

Autism is a highly individualistic condition, so it manifests differently in different people. Autistic people usually prefer things with structure that aren’t hidden beneath layers of seemingly chaotic other things. That is, they might prefer clear terminology, clear goals, less arbitrary social interaction, working alone, and so on. All these characteristics are frequently found in technical positions, making the games industry an appealing prospect for those on the autism spectrum.

Job seekers on the autism spectrum can also be an appealing prospect for game studios, as many have the ability to hyper-focus. This almost superhuman trait can allow them to be highly productive while also reducing the impact of issues such as sensory overload.

To honour Autism Awareness Month, we’ve put together a list of useful online resources for those living on the spectrum, or those who are looking for help or information on the subject.


National Autistic Society – Autistic Fatigue Guidance

Autistic burnout is characterised by a high level of stress and exhaustion in an autistic person. This feeling is caused by the demands of life and having to deal with them as an autistic person. The National Autistic Society have put together extensive guidance on autistic fatigue for autistic adults, parents, carers and professionals.


The Aspie World is the UK’s #1 YouTube channel for Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, OCD & Dyslexia.


Aspie World

The Aspie World is the UK’s largest autism education YouTube channel. Daniel covers a wide range of tips and tricks for living with the diagnosis. With nearly 200,000 subscribers and over 10 million views, this is some of the best video content available out there for those on the spectrum, and those who want to understand more on the subject.


Autistica Play

Autistica is the national autism research charity in the United Kingdom. They provide autistic people with the opportunity to live happy and healthy lives. They accomplish this by funding research, influencing policy, and collaborating with autistic people to better understand their needs. They founded Autistica Play to help autistic people progress by partnering with game developers and the gaming industry. They hope to raise vital funds and awareness for autism research through annual events, partnerships, and in-game activities.


Autistica Play works with gamers and game developers to raise awareness


Safe In Our World

Games industry mental health awareness charity, Safe In Our World have put together an informative list of symptoms, behaviours and diagnosis methods for autistic spectrum disorders.


Emrace Autism’s RAADS-R Online Self-Report Test

The Ritvo Autism Asperger’s Diagnostic Scale-Revised (RAADS-R) is a modified version of the Ritvo Autism Asperger’s Diagnostic Scale. The need for a clinical adjunct diagnostic tool drove its development. Its authors emphasise that it can be used to identify autistic traits and as a screening tool, but not as a diagnostic tool.


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