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3 Types of Game Industry Jobs and How to Find One

3 Types of Game Industry Jobs and How to Find One

Video game industry jobs are highly sought after, partially influenced by our experiences playing them as children when we were growing up. A video games designer, unity developer, or games artist are all jobs you may consider if you are interested in working in this creative industry.

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Video Game Designer

A video games designer can consider several specialisms. Some of the most popular include a lead or content designer. But how do you obtain such highly sought after roles?

The formal path into the video game industry requires a degree level qualification, and game design is a key module. In addition, potential employers will expect you to have a keen interest in video gaming, to play games yourself, and keep up to date with what is happening across the industry.

Even without a degree, you can demonstrate your ability. For example, designing your own indie games and building a portfolio that you can show to potential employers.

Unity Developer

A Unity developer understands how to code using the Unity language and JavaScript. Fortunately, Unity is free, so you can develop your skills by experimenting with it.

Certification programmes for Unity are available. These are well recognised when it comes to working in the video games industry. Becoming a Unity Certified User is a good first step. When you have sufficient experience, you can become a certified Unity Expert.

Game Artists

Video game design involves lots of different types of artwork. For instance, concept art, character development and background design. This is an exciting and varied field; try and align yourself with artwork styles that reflect your talent.

You’ll need a portfolio of work that illustrates how you approach a project, from the very beginning to completion, providing plenty of examples of your own work.

Your CV will need to illustrate some of the games you have contributed to and demonstrate your ability to use software programmes in unique ways, to meet game design objectives. It’s a good idea to review and play the games already produced by the company you’re applying for.

How To Get Noticed For Video Game Industry Jobs

Establishing a social media presence and displaying existing examples of your work can be a great way to get noticed in this highly competitive industry. People looking to fill game industry jobs are always on the lookout for new talent and developing an indie game could be your way in!

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