How to Get a Job in Animation

If you are interested in the idea of bringing unique characters and worlds to life, then game animator jobs are worth looking at! This role involves using concept art and character designs to create interactive characters and settings on screen. Animators use a range of skills and software tools to help bring designs to life. So, what sort of tasks does someone involved in animation have to perform? Also, what skill set will you need in order to apply for animator jobs? Let us look further at these questions below.


Finding Animator Jobs


What Do Game Animation Jobs Involve?

Anyone working in an animation role can perform some, or all, of these tasks:

  • Create characters with actions that add to the game’s story.
  • Design characters that can express emotion and mood within the game’s story.
  • Meet with other departments to help realise their concepts into animation.
  • Animate creatures, objects, camera angles and more, based on storyboards and descriptions.
  • Create scene layouts drawn from a library of assets.
  • Plan and animate cinematic camera views during the game.
  • Create 2D sketches and illustrations of concepts.
  • Make designs using a range of props, from paintings to clay models.
  • Work out the timing and pace of animation in order to comply with audio and music cues.
  • Understand how to work with game engines and create animations that work within the engines’ limitations.
  • Team up and work with programmers, artists and other animators to ensure all requirements are met.
  • Research current animation and gaming trends.
  • Use a range of animation software packages including Maya, LightWave, 3DS Max and others.
  • Able to fully comply with all project requirements within an allocated time frame and budget.


The Requirements of Game Animator Jobs

If you are looking for animation jobs in the games industry, then you are likely to need these qualifications on your CV:

  • A portfolio, such as an animation reel, that displays your skills and experience in the field.
  • A solid understanding of physics and movement in both 2D and 3D animation.
  • Strong communication and team skills.
  • Knowledge of programming languages, game engines and animation software.
  • A degree in computer art and/or animation.
  • Knowledge of concepts such as modelling, rigging and skinning models.
  • An inventive and creative mind that can come up with unique concepts and art directions.
  • A passion for games and for working in the industry.


How Can OPMjobs Help?

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