About Kim Parker Adcock

What do you do at One Player Mission?
I own the business. My job is to ensure our team can do their jobs. I attend events, they wheel the old girl out to network and occasionally say a few words on stage. Meeting people face to face is still the real buzz for me. I’m proud to say my Management team run OPM day to day calling on me only for advice, guidance, and paying for every new bit of tech that the team need.

What did you do before you joined One Player Mission?
I was a Senior Product Manager at Gem Distribution, overseeing 1st party distribution for GT Interactive, (Abe’s Odyssey, Doom, Duke Nukem etc), and managed ten vendors including The Bizarre Love Triangle of Virgin, Ocean and Interplay. Between having my three sons I had a short stint as a Lottery Manager at Northampton Town FC, and seven years with Answers Recruitment starting in 1992 – my first Games Industry job.

Best thing about being part of the One Player Mission team?
My team. They inspire me. Nice humans, friendly, focused, driven, passionate, and above all honest.

Quickfire Questions:
Last game you played? 1945 Airforce on iPhone.
Favourite game of all time? Lost Ember by Mooneye Studios on PC.
Website you visit the most? According to my browser, Bullhorn our CRM, and LinkedIn.
What was your first ever job? Kitchenworld and Fireplaceworld, a retail company set up by my father but run by me from the age of 19.
What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? Anything to do with horses!
Tell us something we don’t know? I collect crystals, a lot of crystals. More of a hoard.


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