About Jamie Smith

What do you do at One Player Mission?
I’m a Resourcer for the programming team – I help to hire Coders and Programmers in the games industry and support the Consultants

What did you do before you joined One Player Mission?
I was a senior sales advisor for Vodafone for 5 years

Best thing about being part of the One Player Mission team?
Speaking and working with candidates and colleagues who share an interest in video games! Also the socials are excellent 😊

Quickfire Questions:
Last game you played? Witcher 3
Favourite game of all time? Elder Scrolls – Oblivion – Every other answer is wrong
Website you visit the most? Twitter – Where I get all my sport, game and general news
What was your first ever job? I worked at a fun park operating rides (It wasn’t fun)
What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? A footballer – But then I took an arrow to the knee
Tell us something we don’t know? I’m a qualified level 2 Plumber but I hate plumbing and have forgotten nearly everything I learned about plumbing


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